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School Profile

At Andrew Johnson Elementary School, our mission is:

Equipping and empowering tomorrow's leaders today.


Our vision is realized by focusing on:



  • Utilizing a system to ensure ongoing staff learning in the 7 Habits and The Leader in Me principles.
  • Integrating and consistently modeling the 7 Habits and leadership principles by staff.
  • Ensuring there are systems in place for family and community engagement, collaboration, and communication.


  • Empowering students, staff, and families to naturally articulate the language and the leadership principles of the 7 Habits.
  • Providing a safe physical and emotional environment where everyone feels welcomed, valued, loved, and trusted.
  • Implementing innovative schoolwide and classroom opportunities to support and develop students’ personal leadership skills.


  • Collaborating in developing and tracking schoolwide WIGs (wildly important goals).
  • Building student Leadership Notebooks to allow for reflecting on WIGs with peer accountability partners and utilizing this data to lead conferences.
  • Planning collaboratively and reflecting as a staff in order to build relationships with students and empower them to become student leaders.